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How to choose best drone


Drones. Who hasn’t heard of them ?. The United State’s military started using the drones during the Iraq war and from then drones have come a long way in shaping the future of war giving enemy knowledge, their presence, hideouts, bunkers, position of their troops to that the military can co-ordinate and execute a plan to attack the enemy with minimum casualties.

Previously it was thought that the use of drones was only restricted to the military and as such will not be available for domestic and civilian use However, the time has changed and now majority of the people are using drones to help them in their work and with pleasure. Drones have become so popular that almost everyone wants to own a drone and use it for their tasks, be it for business or personal everyone wants a piece of action by owning and controlling a drone. The market is flooded with various types of drones depending on their seize, functionality, facility and their price and hence choosing a perfect drone is a nightmare for someone buying it for a first time So how to choose best drone that will suit all your needs without even giving a second thought ?. Below are some of the factors that one needs to keep in mind while purchasing a drone for the first time

1) Price: Purchasing a drone is not an easy task as drones come in various price ranges, so one needs to be absolutely sure that one has the right amount of money to purchase a drone. Drones may be available from as little as 30$ to a whooping 5000$ depending on their features. So if you just want to own a drone and simply fly it around we suggest you go for a minimum price range as it gives you the feature to fly and control it They don’t include any fancy features such as GPS, Sonar or night vision which you will get if you are willing to shell out more for hi-tech drones.

2) Needs: Understand carefully the importance as to why you want to own a drone. Is it for educational, projects, delivery, keeping track of your farm etc ?. Only by truly understanding this purpose one must buy the specific type of drone that suits your needs completely. Not every drone offers all the features that you need and hence, this is an important point to keep in mind while buying one Good research is necessary while selecting the type of drone that you need to buy and accordingly one must plan their budget. It is worth checking out comparison websites, for instance sites like DroneFly.com and HeliPal.com provides you with extensive tips and knowledge of choosing a drone of your choice. If necessary consult with experienced people who have flown a drone before to get first hand knowledge about the specific type of drone that you need to buy.

3) Education: Flying a drone is not an easy task and as such one must acquaint themselves with the art and the technique of flying a drone. One must undergo a thorough practice of handling a drone and its remote control effectively so that one does not crash their drone or worse someone gets hurt by them while you are flying it Look up online for drone schools where they give you a firsthand knowledge in operating and flying a drone efficiently. With the popularity of drones growing continuously, it’s not that difficult to get in to touch with someone who has a considerable amount of experience of flying a drone 4) Batteries:

Batteries are the one thing that limit the flying time of a drone as they drain quickly while flying. Low cost drones have low battery power and as such provide a flight time of only 10-15 minutes which is very low if you want to cover a large area and for a longer time Hence, we recommend that you purchase a drone with a good battery backup so that it can last longer while you complete your task. Battery maintenance is also an important step that one must follow everyday so that the battery does not discharge very fast. One must not charge the batteries continuously for longer hours as it may cause them to overload and explode which is very dangerous if people are around or if the drone is in flight. One must make sure that the battery discharges properly and if necessary replace the batteries from time to time to avoid accidents.

How to buy a drone online


Before we go to buy there is need to understand and establish a few things regarding what a drone is and how it functions. A drone mainly consists of four parts and they are :-

  1. Camera.
  2. Wings
  3. User interface.
  4. Altitude.

A perfect drone should consist a good camera with high speed wings, controls with surgical precision and live streaming of video which is being shot and the altitude of the drone up to which it can be tracked. Many drone available in market currently don’t exist for longer times due to the quality. So one must always ensure to buy a quality product. There are few things which one need to know before buying a drone online.

They are:-

  1. Price
  2. Specifications
  3. Camera power
  4. A reputed brand

Now we come to the picking up session. Now how exactly can we pick up a drone is it by look or by specs, the answer is both. A good drone needs to accomplish the following specs. It should have a better camera clarity with either live audio streaming or a app for feeding data and secondly it should not exceed the marginal value such that its reasonable price shall attract every one towards it. And at last but not the least it should be from a reputed brand such that more and more buy it.

Now when it comes to buying a drone online one shall always primarily look at top reputed sites for getting information about cost.

One should always compare price of different websites so that one shall get the product at least price and then one should always select a product which is at reasonable price to ensure that it is genuine .

Once after selecting a product of our choice we should always see the reviews about the product to ensure its working and pros and cons and also for our self satisfaction. Once we ensured that the product fits us perfectly we shall refer it in other online stores to ensure pricing and e tax. After finishing all of this procedure one shall submit his shipping address as well as billing address and method of payment and other details after entering all of it one shall confirm it and place the order. After receiving the product one must ensure that the received product is quite safe and no part of it is been damaged . After accomplishing the drone one need to know the exact rules and regulations to completely control the drone.